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CMFBibliographyAT::content::base::BaseEntry Class Reference

Inherits Products::Archetypes::public::BaseContent.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Base content for bibliographical references content types

Definition at line 32 of file base.py.

Public Member Functions

def Authors
def citationLabel
def getAbstract
def getAuthorList
def getAuthorURL
def getFieldValue
def getMembers
def getPublicationDate
def getSiteMembers
def getURL
def inferAuthorReferences
def ISBN
def PMID
def pre_validate
def setAbstract
def setMemberPublicationAuthors
def showMemberAuthors
def Source
def updateMemberPublicationAuthors
def usesCMFMember

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple actions
string content_icon = 'ref_icon.png'
int global_allow = 0
tuple publication_date = ComputedAttribute(getPublicationDate, 1)
 schema = BaseEntrySchema
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()

Private Member Functions

def _name_from_reference

Static Private Attributes

tuple __implements__

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